Hi there.

There isn't much to see here right now...

You'd be able to find out a lot more about me at the links below.

Publicly Hosted Projects

FCICT | Demo | Source

FCICT, or Franklin County Inmate Population And COVID-19 Case Tracker is a simple dashboard to track the historical total of COVID-19 cases in Franklin County, OH, against the inmate population in jails in the same area.

The frontend of this project is written in Sapper and Svelete, using Chart.js to render the data. The backend uses Polka, SQLite, and got, for serving, storing, and scraping the data.

Ladno Pass | Demo | Source

Ladno Pass is a simple and configurable password strength validator, using common password requirements as metrics. Several default requirements are preconfigured, and users are able to change settings as they see fit. This project was a course project for a information security course.

Ladno Pass is written enirely in Vue.js 2, and has no backend or database requirement. It is provides a Dockerfile for easy distirbution and deployment, which serves the built project using a simple nginx configuration.

Other Projects

My other projects, which either are not or can not be hosted publicly at this time can be seen on my Github.